The company was started in Palo Alto by Bill Alhouse in 1960. Bill, a former baseball coach with strong ties to Stanford University and the Palo Alto community successfully ran the company for 30 years before hiring Jeff Deaton, who became the sole owner of the company in 1991. In 2001, Marty Smith joined what is now Alhouse Deaton and expanded the company from a mid-peninsula firm to a multi-faceted Bay Area property management firm.


Alhouse Deaton is a multi-faceted real estate company based in the San Francisco Bay Area with international ties and over 50 years of experience in property management, development, and investment. Through our comprehensive property management system and long-term asset planning, Alhouse Deaton overcomes the bureaucratic obstacles and enhances the value and performance of each real estate asset in our various property portfolios.



Alhouse Deaton’s mission is to achieve financial success for our clients by strategically balancing an established and institutional experience with a personal touch in every real estate asset we manage and operate.



Our company provides marketing, financial reporting, management of maintenance and service vendors, and supervision of capital improvements projects.


Alhouse Deaton is a highly successful, regional property management business headquartered in Palo Alto, California with offices throughout the Bay Area. Our business is built on a tradition of excellence and guided by a spirit of integrity in all aspects of the real estate process. 



Our AD Advantages include our focus at a high level of customer service to ensure your financial growth. We accomplish this by:


  • Providing the ownership with a senior level manager possessing a long history of efficiently

  • Managing real estate assets throughout the San Francisco Bay Area markets.

  • Offering a team with a history of optimizing operational efficiencies in each real estate asset we manage.

  • Taking an ownership mindset to manage assets, by ensuring that each dollar spent has a benefit to the value and operation of the property.

  • Building strong relationships with multiple local service providers. We balance pricing scrutiny with high-performance expectations.

  • Ensuring that our vendors know their job description will be clear and that they will be paid on time if the work is done right. They also know our expectations of their high-quality work and the cost efficiencies we expect. This results in properties receiving timely responses and work that is done right the first time and at a cost-effective price.

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Jeff Deaton

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Alhouse Deaton

A photocollage of sites around the Marriott Business Park in Santa Clara.


Alhouse Deaton is honored to have been awarded an assignment in the Marriott Business Park in Santa Clara.

"...we know we can count on Alhouse Deaton to manage our properties in the best way possible..."


Elizabeth Bishop, CEO

The Stanley Bishop Corporate



  • Orchestrating a management team with a senior property manager, an assistant property manager, an accounting department, and an off-site facilities manager. All of our team members have been selected because of their experience, expertise, and their continual ability to exceed client expectations.

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