Helpful Tips for Telecommuters

The purpose of this resource sheet is to provide guidelines if you are considering a short-term or temporary telecommuting arrangement during the COVID-19 crisis.

This factsheet was designed to help telecommuters make it as successful as possible, whether you are telecommuting for a week or the rest of your career. TMASF Connects has researched this topic in-depth to provide you with the benefits and considerations that should be accounted for when telecommuting. Here are some initial benefits at a glance:


  • Ability to work anywhere and anytime (within reason) with no attire requirements or commute

o  Removing the average American’s commute time of 30 minutes a day equates to 17 extra days’ worth of time and $4,500 in fuel costs per year!

  • Saves your organization money by not having to provide physical space and resources

  • Flexible scheduling allows for time to care for children, aging parents, pets, and other dependents


Getting Your Telecommuting Day Started

The main consideration for a successful telecommute was to establish a routine – determine and negotiate your best working and office hours and when your schedule overlaps with those of your colleagues so you can collaborate. Stick to your schedule and keep your lines of communication open. Even though you may be telecommuting, don’t forget to get “ready” for work! Get dressed for the day and have a designated and proper workspace and “commute” to that workspace.


Tips for a Better Telecommuting Experience: Source Cite: Huffington Post

  • Separate your work life from home life and divide your workday into chunks to work when you’re most productive

  • If permissible, spend time in the office as well to absorb company culture, learn professional expectations and build relationships

  • Have clearly defined goals by establishing benchmarks

  • Take numerous breaks – periodic short breaks are also important when your office is in your house

  • Be transparent - the convenience of working at home shouldn’t inconvenience your employer


For more tips, zen habits has 30 tips for staying productive and sane while working from home.

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