Alhouse Deaton

Adapting to an evolving health crisis.

Here's how we responded!


Office Social Distancing

Our COVID Response


We believe in the importance of regular communication with our clients and tenants, not just during a crisis. While navigating something as prolific as COVID-19, we feel it especially important to bring up-to-date information to our tenants, regarding all current and local health orders, transportation options and other safety recommendations, for each of the counties in which we manage assets. Thus far during COVID-19, our teams have delivered more than 30 separate updates to our tenants and have fielded countless inquiries, thereby keeping tenants as engaged as possible in the buildings in which they lease space.

Phone Call
Civil Engineer


Our valued in-house and 3rd party engineering teams continue to be instrumental in providing daily updates to our management teams on the physical health of our buildings. While ensuring that all best practices are being followed, our engineers make sure that our buildings are being well taken care of every day. We have confidence that HVAC and plumbing systems are maintained to the highest standards, so that the buildings will be ready for our tenants when they come back to the office.



Our ability to respond effectively in a crisis requires expert advice from other CRE partners. Whether it’s the legal professionals advising on rent moratoriums and lease negotiations, janitorial and engineering teams advising on how to keep buildings as safe as possible, or learning, sharing notes and networking with our colleagues, we actively utilize input from other industry experts. At Alhouse Deaton, we value industry associations, such as the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), and actively participate in leadership roles in both local and national committees.

People with Masks


The moment the prolonged effects of the pandemic became a reality, Alhouse Deaton reaffirmed the importance of support staff working in our buildings. From the beginning, it has been a priority to all of us at Alhouse Deaton, that we do all we can to keep people employed and focused, during a very uncertain time in history. We are proud of our sustained commitment to our teams, helping to ensure that the social and human effects of the pandemic are mitigated whenever possible.



We were proud to have been a very small part of the solution. While working with one of our clients, we partnered with the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management, the San Francisco Mayor’s Office on Disability, and others, to make space available in one of our buildings for vaccinations over an 8-week period. We were grateful to have committed staff that helped to create a safe and reliable COVID-19 vaccination center.



As essential workers, our San Francisco, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, San Jose, and San Bruno offices have stayed open during the entire pandemic, with select team members on site daily. Using technology, our management teams have been able to ensure that at least one team member is always staffing the office, while others are able to work from home and communicate as if they were in the office every day. When not in the office, our teams meet multiple times each day, on a virtual basis. We also believe that lessons learned from this crisis, about how to communicate more effectively using technology, will make us even more efficient in the future.