Alhouse Deaton work site

At Alhouse Deaton, our projects range greatly in size and complexity. However, to be successful, all of our projects share four key management components:


  • Cost controls to maximize value;

  • Ensuring that the right companies have been hired for the job;

  • Ensuring that each step of the work is completed correctly so the final result is of real value to the asset;

  • Comprehensive, proactive property maintenance.


Our process begins with an assigned Alhouse Deaton professional who is your single point of contact for the job. That professional will begin your project with a detailed plan to ensure each task is covered and accounted for. This comprehensive process allows all parties to understand their responsibilities and deadlines.


Next, strict communications protocols will be established by Alhouse Deaton to eliminate confusion between the various parties involved in the project. Accountability for work being completed on time is always an ongoing responsibility of the Alhouse Deaton professional in charge of the job.


When the work nears completion on your project, Alhouse Deaton professionals will still be hard at work overseeing any unfinished details. Warranties will be in place and lien waivers will be delivered. This attention to detail ensures that the properties reap the benefit of the capital improvement for many years to come.


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