Alhouse Deaton also offers tenant improvement services to a wide variety of clients in the S.F. Bay Area, ranging from cost estimating to pricing plans to supervising our tenant’s move into their new buildings.Our tenant improvements include:


  • Cost estimating, budget development and management of new and existing tenant improvements.

  • Coordinating with brokers, attorneys, accountants, contractors, and architects to implement and construct tenant improvements in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Assisting with overall planning, scheduling and budgeting of the specific tenant improvements.

  • Coordinating with the tenant and his or her architect to design a plan for tenant occupancy.


  • Creating an approved pricing plan to provide select contractors for bidding on the construction work.

  • Supervising the construction work to ensure completion on time, on budget, and to our tenant’s satisfaction.

  • Managing costs to minimize change orders and cost overruns, such as reconciling costs vs. budget with the contractor.

  • Oversee our tenant's move into the suite, making certain that it’s done in an orderly fashion with minimal disturbance to the other tenants in the building.

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Tenant Improvements