“In the San Francisco Bay Area, Alhouse Deaton is the go-to property management firm for Sun Life.   For over a decade, they have consistently provided high-quality professional management services for the properties we own in that market.  The professionals at Alhouse Deaton are prompt, efficient and they get it right the first time.”

John Mulvihill, Managing Director, Sun Life Financial.

"...Alhouse Deaton is probably one of the most efficient property management company that we work with...their communication to their Clients is absolutely spectacular..."​
- Patrick O'Hara, Yerba Buena Builders

We worked with Alhouse Deaton on a complex lease renewal containing significant budget constraints, numerous vocal stakeholders, and a complicated relocation plan. The folks at Alhouse Deaton made it into a symphony of smooth. Everyone walked away feeling cared for, valued, and most importantly - the project stayed under budget! Third party management doesn't get better than that.

Abby Diller, Carpenter/Robbins Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

"Alhouse Deaton focused on meeting the tenant’s needs. Their organized process allowed them to provide great attention to detail, meet any problems head on and resolved them in a timely manner. They have a great team approach which resulted in meeting the needs of tenants from the beginning and responding to problems in a timely and efficient manner."
- Andrea Johnson, President, KRJ Design Architects


Alhouse Deaton Management has provided excellent customer service during our occupancy in the buildings they manage. This includes day-to-day property management as well as remodeling and renovation projects for over 20,000 square feet of State leased premises. The business partnership between the State of California and Alhouse Deaton is a model example of creating and maintaining balanced real estate asset management.

Sylvia Rios-Abbott, Facilities Project Lead
CDSS/Facilities Support Section


Alhouse Deaton manages our properties in a professional and efficient manner. They are attentive to my needs, as well as the needs of my tenants. We appreciate their attention to details. Over time, we have called on them for many hours of professional assistance beyond the typical property management assignment. Their counsel has always been readily available, insightful and positively delivered. When problems arise, they are always available to meet me and the tenants to resolve the problem. They simply do an excellent job!

Vera Goldsmith, President Bae-Gem Properties

Alhouse Deaton Management Co. has managed my office building in Palo Alto for seven years. I have found them to be a responsible, trustworthy, experienced and competent management company that always protects and places your property interest first. I also have a congenial, open and flexible relationship with all of their management personnel. This management company is truly an asset to any property owner.

Annette Lust, private investor

"...well managed and where tenants' needs are well met...".
- Louis Knox, Myers Urbatsch

Alhouse Deaton is a thorough, professional and committed management company whose service surpasses their competition due to the superior service, customers receive from the always pleasant and accommodating staff.

Institutional property owner


Alhouse Deaton has been our property manager for 15 years. The leasing, management and construction expertise we receive from this single source is invaluable. We would never consider using another property manager for our properties.

Bruce Gee, private investor


The whole team at Alhouse Deaton are true professionals. They sweat the details so that the tenant improvement processes run as smoothly as possible. They’re a pleasure to work with.

Matt Lockary, Baycor Builders


"...What sets Alhouse Deaton apart is that they are hands on..."​
- John Sellen, JE Sellen Consulting

The people at Alhouse Deaton truly care about my properties. They pay attention to the details that keep the property running smoothly and efficiently.  Our buildings stay full and tenants stay happy. I always know the work will be done right the first time.

Jack Rominger, real estate investor


It’s the people at Alhouse Deaton that make the difference. They know our properties thoroughly and manage them as if they were her own. From our years of association we know we can count on Alhouse Deaton to manage our properties in the best way possible.

Elizabeth Bishop, CEO, The Stanley Bishop Corporation